The Vicar's Tea Party - Lythe Hill

Reverend Green, vicar of the local church at Littleton in Midshire has called his flock together in the village hall to discuss fund raising activities to repair the spire of the church.

All of the local parishioners are present including Sheila Bull of The Nag’s Head, and other well known village characters. Various fund raising activities are proposed by the locals but after much debate the meeting becomes impossible to continue as personal feuds come to the fore, money issues lead to fights and ‘love thy neighbour’ seems to have a new meaning. However before the issues raised at the meeting can be resolved a death occurs.

Who is responsible? Surely no-one from this sleepy English village could be responsible for committing such an act of foul play. The case must be resolved and the murderer caught. All of your powers of observation will be called upon to assist the local police. The murderer must be apprehended before any more deaths occur.

Arrival from 7pm
First scene begins at 7:30pm
Sit down for meal at 8pm (if meal inclusive ticket)

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