Sherlock Holmes - Lythe Hill

Sherlock Holmes and The Faberge Egg

Colonel Abercrombie is in possession of an Imperial Fabergé Egg. He has decided that the time has come to sell it and so, to the excitement of collectors worldwide, it is to be auctioned.

He mentions this in a letter to his old friend Sherlock Holmes who decides to take a break in his travels to attend the auction and experience the exciting sale first hand. On his arrival at Littleton train station he is met by Abercrombie’s valet, Farouk, with worrying news. The Colonel, and the egg, are missing and have not been seen since the previous day. The matter has been reported to the police, who have asked to be kept informed.

Holmes heads to the Abercrombie house where a group of guests had gathered to attend the auction.

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