Lord Duxbury's Christmas Party - Lythe Hill

Lord Duxbury’s Christmas Party

What ho! Let’s kick off the season with Lord Johnny Duxbury’s Christmas party. The year is 1926 and the roaring twenties are in full swing, with the Charleston dance reaching the peak of its popularity. Meet Mitsy Wellbeloved, so vain and giddy, and known in some circles as a bit of a flibbertigibbet .

Henry ‘Pongo’ Brinkley, heir to the Omnigrip Tyre Company fortune is in town, hoping to pick up a little culture at the opera and, perhaps, find himself a wife. You will be a part of London’s bright young things partying the night away without a care in the world … that is until Inspector Catchem arrives with news of a murder that puts the wind up everyone present.

Dress: 1920s evening glamour.

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