Stepping Stones

Who Are Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is an independent school for children with disabilities based in Hindhead. Lythe Hill Hotel have been in fundraising for Stepping Stones for almost 2 years and the partnership is set to grow further into 2020.

The school is based in Hindhead and was opened in 2004 by Larry Sullivan and Sandy Seagrove, who despaired in trying to find the right school for their daughter.  So, they decided to create a school focussing on helping children with disabilities. In 2004 they opened Stepping Stones, with just 3 students; the school now has 95 full time students, 50 employees, and 10 volunteers.

The staff and volunteers work to give the children the opportunity to embrace a positive school environment, to become self-confident and independent learners for life. Their aim is that each child will fulfil their personal potential to gain qualifications and skills they need to be socially and economically independent in their local community. The school and its pupils are an inspiration to the community and important to both staff, members and guests of Lythe Hill Hotel.

How Lythe Hill Hotel Has Helped

Staff from Lythe Hill Hotel had their Christmas market in December, which raised over £500 for Stepping Stones.

£2750 was also raised through staff taking part in ‘Haslemere Hounds’. Haslemere Hounds is an annual event organised by Brian Howard and his daughter Melissa King to bring local businesses and communities together to raise money for a number of brilliant causes and charities.’

The hound, ‘Paw Better, Paw Worse’, was bought to life by a local artist Ashley, who helped to bring their design vision to reality.

The total amount raised came to £3250

Matthew Davies, General Manager at the Lythe Hill Hotel said:

“It is both a pleasure and honour for us at Lythe Hill to be associated with Stepping Stones School. The work they do with children and young adults is both inspiring and humbling, and it is a joy to be involved with. We hope that the money raised from the generosity of our local community and well as our members and guests help in some way, and I look forward to working even closer in 2020.”

Simon Browne, Interim Co-Headteacher at Stepping Stones School, added:

“We are very incredibly grateful that Lythe Hill Hotel has selected Stepping Stones School to benefit from all their fundraising activities. Corporate supporters are vital in helping us fund all the extras that our students need. It’s a great partnership!”.

The future of their partnership

Lythe Hill are excited to continue to work alongside Stepping Stones and are now beginning a program with Stepping Stones, to give students the opportunity to have work experience within the hotel, gaining them valuable experience within the hospitality industry.